Sunday 24 April 2016

Rhapsody Tip #15 - Changing the default project directory (Intermediate)

This is a lesser known tip. When you create a project in Rhapsody, the New Project dialog will, by default, choose an installed folder as the default root for new projects. This is not usually a desired location, and may not be read/write, requiring you to browse to a new root. Doing this every time you create a project can be annoying especially in training or when demoing. Fortunately, you can tailor the default folder by adding a line ProjectsDirectory= to the rhapsody.ini file. This short video illustrates:

Note: Rhapsody also writes to this file, hence when editing the rhapsody.ini try to have Rhapsody closed.

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  1. unfortunately, it is not working for me using Rhapsody Developer for C++, 8.2, in Windows 10 environment


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