Wednesday, 2 November 2022

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #106 - Power features for filtering diagrams using views/viewpoints

This is my first video for a while and comes from some recent work trying to make it easier for users to exploit the power features of IBM Engineering Rhapsody for filtering diagrams to show elements within a view. Rhapsody includes lots of features to do this such as Queries and CustomViews but it's not always easy to set them up, hence I added some support to Rhapsody to make both the setting up of the necessary elements and then the usability of those elements much easier. After showing the resulting example, the video steps through the steps of creating it using my helper.

First delivery of my new Model-based Testing with Test Conductor training course

Last week I did my first delivery of a new Model-based Testing with IBM Rhapsody Test Conductor (1 day) course I developed to a group of 15 participants, my first new material for a while. Training was based on Rhapsody 9.0.1 iFix 003.

This was the feedback:

Final Class Summary

General: 4.6 out of 5
Material: 4.8 out of 5
Instructor: 4.9 out of 5

Overall Satisfaction: 9.3 out of 10 

The material is all based on hands-on labs and does assume some knowledge of Rhapsody. It can be considered as a 1-day add-on to existing 3-day Mastering Rhapsody trainings. Either done in the same training cycle or as a top-up that gives more exposure to executable modeling later on. 

Rhapsody 9.0.1 iFix 003 SR1 was released 29-Sep-2022

For those that don't know, the latest Interim Fix (iFix) 003 for Rhapsody 9.0.1 is actually a Service Release (SR). This means that it's a complete installer that you can install like a release and don't need to install anything afterwards to get additional fixes (at least at the moment). This makes it a good candidate for performing new installs with as there is just one installer to deal with.

To obtain iFixes for IBM products, you do not need to be a customer but may need to register for IBM id. They are available on IBM's Fix Central website:

Search for: IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody

If you have a previous 9.0.1 installing you need to uninstall and then re-install. Obviously, this needs to be done with an understanding of what customization's you've done to the rhapsody.ini, Share folder such as profiles and properties.

Really iFix 003 is a roll up of all the fixes done since 9.0.1 was originally released into a single installation package. It makes it a good candidate for new installs where you're rolling out Jazz 7.0.2.

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Java Versions and Features link

Often, a Rhapsody team may choose to get a toolsmith on board to extract the best power with the least effort from what is probably the most configurable UML tool of them all. Although Rhapsody is natively and C++ application, plug-ins for Rhapsody make use a Java API. It's not always the case, however, that the toolsmith is a software engineer by trade and hence just a little foundation knowledge can go a long way. I found this article that helps explain a bit of foundation knolwedge wrt Java and JDKs. It's quite well written I thought and hence thought I'd share the link: Java Versions and Features (

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

v4.1.a.PreRelease version of SysMLHelper toolkit on Github

I published first version with business value profile (target for visio import) plus some important tables views for showing traceability in the requirements, use case and feature function packages in the Executable MBSE profile. 

See my Making Executable MBSE fun with IBM Rational Rhapsody website if you want to know what the latest enhancements were and where to download this set of open source profiles and process automation helper toolkit. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #105 - Simplification of SysML for early context analysis

This video gives an impression of where I've moved to in the 7 years since I left IBM and started to support customers using Rhapsody. Broadly speaking  to get users with less experience to be able to model, I've moved from delivery of generic SysML training to customizing Rhapsody with profiles that automate the modeling experience; the richest one being the Executable MBSE Profile in the SysML Helper toolkit ( This open source GPL 3.0 licensed profile takes a jigsaw approach to following reusable modeling patterns to create models developed by a team where different team members work in different packages. Although it started life as supporting executable mbse methods, this video demonstrates how it as evolved much wider than that. I show just some concept and early system definition phases work including the simplification of SysML IBDs, in Rhapsody, to create a Visio-like context diagrams with flows.  

Monday, 27 June 2022

SysMLHelper incl. ExecutableMBSEProfile v4.0.w, 27-JUN-2022: Step up in terms of usability and automation

FYI that I have pushed my latest v4.0.w Executable MBSE Profile to Github. It's quite formidable in scope now covering both executable MBSE methods based on DOORS Next requirements or a workflow involving functional decomposition and associated bdds and ibds. The profile is available on a GPL 3.0 license (i.e. you can do what you like but must keep the license, i.e. it's copy left license). Further details on changes are found here: Making Executable MBSE fun with IBM Rational Rhapsody.