Saturday 3 March 2018

Feedback from Rhapsody in C and Mastering MBSE with SysML training's in Jan/Feb

I'm doing a training roughly once a month now, predominantly private courses (although HORIBA MIRA are still organizing public MBSE/Rhapsody training's). This was my feedback from a 4 day training in Jan(from 8 of 13 that responded) that was an example of bespoke training:

"The discussions and knowledge of the instructor meant we could tailor context to our needs"

"The hands-on labs with individual laptops really helped reinforce the theory. The training material handouts were well organised"

This was from a 3-day MBSE training in February to 9 participants (completely new to the topics):

"It was a great 3 day programme. As a business development manager, I thought I wouldn't learn anything (new ;)), but, yes, it was a great learning experience. Could grasp many new stuff."

"Group exercises, challenges and practical implementations alongside theoretical understanding made the training interesting and fun. A wide range of topics were covered in a short span of time".

The main thing I've been learning (yes, learning is 2 way) is the value of including more group work and unguided challenges, i.e. things where participants have to put into practice the theory and get chance to ask the questions that arise from this.

I've also learnt that although 3 day training with SysML and Rhapsody gives a good grounding, there's value in adding the additional day (i.e. 4 days is better if you want to cover both in detail).