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My name is Fraser. I am an technical specialist in SysML/UML, with world-leading expertise in IBM Rhapsody for systems and software (20+ years of modeling, 14+ years of Rhapsody). I have been working independently on Rhapsody training/consultancy for close to 6 years now since leaving IBM. I also work on behalf of a range of IBM business partners worldwide and IBM training partners like Arrow/ECS and TechData who market my training as IBM derivative works. I also partner closely with Island Training (probably the world's leading training company for IBM Rational/Jazz training). I can work direct with customers if they contact me first. Typical work includes:

  1. As a Rhapsody Tool-smith: Building integrations and helpers to order (in Java and using profiles).
  2. Online or face-to-face expert-led instructor-based training
  3. As a Rhapsody "Fixer": I'm a specialist in Rhapsody but also know other modeling tools like NoMagic Cameo and what was Artisan Studio (was rebranded PTC Integrity Modeler but may have just be been rebranded again)
  4. As a partner: A lot of my work is delivered through partners working with clients and I'm always willing to help new ones.
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