Tuesday 2 May 2023

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody 9.0.2 was released on 23 Mar 2023

Just a heads up that there was a new Rhapsody release on 23 March 2023: 
IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody 9.0.2

This supersedes the latest iFix for 9.0.1 which was iFix 004 which fixes some issues introduced in iFix 003: IBM Support: Fix Central - Select fixes

Reflections on tool-neutral training

So, last couple of weeks I did some 2 day tool-neutral face-to-face training. It was fun actually. Like my tool-specific training, it is very interactive except that I use white boards and group work, and miss out the tool-based labs. In the group work, we develop a novel system from scratch using whiteboards. The fun bit is the interaction between people sharing ideas. You never know quite how it will turn out. Both courses had similar participants (a mixture of functional safety consultants, software, and systems engineers) but went in different directions with their solutions as I played around a bit with project constraints (budget, time etc). As we explored the different diagrams, I took their ideas and put them into a model to show them out it would look and some of the different views, particularly around traceability tables and using simulation to explore emergent behavior.