Thursday 30 August 2018

Open Rhapsody MBSE training at HORIBA MIRA ACADEMY, 23-26 Oct 2018

I've just announced a open (i.e. public enrolment) Mastering OMG SysML with IBM Rational Rhapsody training for 23-26 October, if anybody's interested. This is in conjunction with HORIBA MIRA ACADEMY who will deal with bookings and invoicing (if needed). More info is on their landing page. The plan is to use the new MIRA TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE venue (very blush and new, hopefully). As with the previous public/open courses, we've moved to allow options of 2, 3, or 4 days based on budget and depth of training desired. If anybody has any questions about content then feel free to ask.

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Really good article on the source control model

A picture paints a thousand words:

Webinar: Driving quality from simulating system tests with Rational Rhapsody on 21 Aug 2018

I'm doing another IBM webinar next Tuesday, August 21st 2018. This is entitled "Driving quality from simulating system tests with Rational Rhapsody". The topic is around use of behavioural use case modelling to close the loop between requirements creation and test planning.

Registration URL:

This webinar is hosted by IBM and part of IBM's Rhapsody enlightment series.

Rhapsody Tip #41 - Making the recent files list wider (Advanced)

Note: It sounds like a "yeh, yeh, sure" tip. However, create a back-up of your rhapsody.ini file before editing, as sometimes Rhapsody will try to write even though it looks as though it's closed down, hence you could end up corrupting it (which may mean that you lose your Gateway or TestConductor menus).

This IBM Rational Rhapsody tips and tricks video shows how to get Rhapsody to use more characters when displaying the Recent Files list in the File menu. The variable is called MaxDisplayLength and needs to be set in the [General] section of the .ini file. This was new in Rhapsody 8.3.1, hence you may have to upgrade for it to work. The value of the variable should be the number of characters that you want to have displayed. If you set MaxDisplayLength = -1, there is no limit on the width of the menu. Be careful though. Rhapsody writes to the .ini file. As with all manual .ini file changes be sure that Rhapsody is not running when you edit it!

The video also shows an example where I needed this to demo Rational Model Manager more effectively. When showing collaborative model management you often want to switch to different views of the same model owned by different users in different sandboxes. To choose the correct path using the Recent Files list I set the MaxDisplayLength variable.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Webinar: Tips and tricks for navigating IBM Rational Rhapsody UML and SysML models on 14 Aug 2018

As you're all on the beach somewhere for your holidays, I'm presenting some IBM Rational Rhapsody webinars. The first is a "Tips and tricks for navigating IBM Rational Rhapsody UML and SysML models" on August 14th 2018:

Registration URL:

This webinar is hosted by IBM and part of IBM's Rhapsody enlightment series.

Rhapsody Tip #40 - Using context patterns to show a chain of elements in a table (Advanced)

I've reached video 40! This is an introduction to building table layouts with context patterns. Even simple tables in IBM Rational Rhapsody can be quite powerful. When we create a TableLayout, we can have each row represent a single element in the model, with each column displaying information about that element. We can also build relation tables, where the row represents a relationship between two elements. Alternatively, we can have a row in the table represent a hierarchy of elements in the model. To build a chain of elements as a table row, we can use a more advanced concept called a context pattern.

A context pattern is a comma-separated list of tokens. It is a way to describe a path of elements in the model. Each token in the pattern is a Rational Rhapsody metatype name that is either a core type or a term. This short video shows building a table that shows how blocks relate to safety goals which relate to hazards (new term types I've added to Rhapsody in a profile). The key tip is to know that to navigate to the end of a relation type you can put a colon (:). This, for example, allows us to traverse the relatesTo dependency to find the Hazard. The text in the curley brackets is a unique name for the context, weI can select the context in the Columns list for this. A couple of other options are also shown, such as collapsing the first column, changing the order, and using the Fill Defaults button. Enjoy!

Friday 3 August 2018

Installation guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.3.1

I've published my installation guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.3.1 client.

This is provided as a pptx (because pictures paint a thousand words). As well as steps for installing it includes steps for checking that the Cygwin compiler is working, Rhapsody Gateway is installed and licensed, and that Webify is working.

Also included are:
- Downloading and installing a evaluation version of Rhapsody.
- How to obtain and install the 8.3.1 iFix 1 (for Jazz/am usage, aka Rhapsody Model Manager).
- Minimal choice for installing Cygwin gcc and make (unlike the Rhapsody help suggested choice).
- Installing SysMHelper sample profile (and advanced open source example of profile and for SysML / executable MBSE with an automotive slant).
- Tips on silent download.

The steps take the approach of installing all Editions and tailoring the rhapsody.ini afterwards (the approach most Rhapsody Application Engineers use).