What makes me unique?

I sometimes wear Green trousers

Experience: Learn the pitfalls, tricks and tips from someone who's experienced modelling from a number of different angles. I've been a software engineer using UML. I've been a product manager for a UML/SysML tool. I've been a technical consultant for IBM/Telelogic for IBM Rational Rhapsody. I've done a lot of training. I've written a lot of training. I've been a Rhapsody SysML user. I've done really systems engineering and requirements analysis in SysML. I've developed profiles to help deploy Rhapsody to an enterprise. I've delivered 50+ days of workshops of IBM Jazz products.

Flexibility and Speed: Training takes a layered approach can be easily tailored to meet your own needs and knowledge levels. Direct liaison will minimize time taken to arrange training.

PriceCompetitive and cost effective.

Neutral: I don't sell tools (I'm not an IBM business partner who gets paid to sell tools).

I sometimes where orange t-shirts with green trousers.

Licensing: Normally material is not licensed. However, this could be arranged with a train-the-trainer-based licensing model for cost-effective organization-wide training.

Up-to-date: Training material was created to show off the best and latest Rhapsody 8.3.1 features using inside knowledge and experience.

I'm a mountain leader (does that help?)