Sunday 17 April 2016

MBSE Rhapsody SysML Method #1 - Requirements Analysis with Use Cases and Activity Diagrams

One thing I hear a lot from people new to MBSE is where to start? It’s a valid question because SysML and tools like Rhapsody can be used in many different ways. They provide the mechanisms to express systems models, not a method. In this video I show some extended tool support I’ve developed to accelerate a method that I know works. It's for a very simple SysML method that goes back to UML basics.

I've also decided to open source this code in order to support my training and consulting work. The repository is: You are free to download, use it, or try it out providing you accept the GPL v3.0 license.

This is an initiating method used to perform requirements definition work from analysis of use case steps using an activity model. It can be used regardless of whether you want to go on to model execution; as it aims to squeeze the best out of two worlds; DOORS for Requirements Management and Rhapsody using the SysML graphical notation. The premise is that SysML offers a brilliant landscape for the requirements definition work, and DOORS provides a scaffolding for connecting and managing the resulting requirements with the wider world.

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