Friday 30 June 2017

Rhapsody Tip #23 - Enhanced usability with Quick Navigation icons in 8.2.1 (Intermediate)

Being able to navigate between diagrams, including drilling back and forth through hierarchies of diagrams is increasingly important for systems engineers and SysML in general (and is also important in UML 2.x which introduced structured classes). In this video I show a new feature added to Rhapsody 8.2.1 (June 2017) called "Quick Navigation" shortcuts.

As illustrated in this short video, this new feature is enabled by setting the General::Graphics::EnableQuickNavigation property. The categories of displayed types can then be tailored for individual diagram or element types using QuickNavigationCategories properties for different meta-classes/diagrams. Further refinement is also possible using the Compartment tab of individual graphical elements, resulting in quite a cool new usability feature that is easily enabled (with a certain amount of power behind it for advanced users to play with). A very welcome addition to Rhapsody for both UML and SysML users ...

Sunday 25 June 2017

Rhapsody Tip #22 - Why you can't draw connectors between Blocks in SysML (Intermediate)

Another Rhapsody SysML/MBSE tips and tricks video!

Understanding the difference between Blocks and Parts (and thus the difference between BDDs and IBDs) is a massively important topic for a SysML practitioner and something that very few Rhapsody users with no training will guess their way into (I'm forever finding users who try to draw connectors between Blocks, give up, and choose to use Flows instead!).

The whole Block, Part, Port/Connector capability of SysML (and to some extent UML) is really powerful though. This video tries to shed some light on the typical question: Why can't I draw a connector between ports on two Blocks? The video is using IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.2.1 (released June 2017)

p.s. The topic of which ports to use is a whole different ballgame ;-)

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Rhapsody 8.2.1 was released on 12th June 2017

Just so you know, v8.2.1 of IBM Rational Rhapsody was released on June 12th. The IBM page for release notes etc is here and includes a Whats New overview. There's quite few usability things that look good, e.g., Diagram: back and forward navigation button improvements, Diagrams: hover Drawing toolbar and Diagrams: new layouts for Populate Diagram and Rearrange. Some videos will follow. Rhapsody has significant releases roughly twice a year, hence there are 6 months of development time in 8.2.1 compared with 8.2. (my understanding is that development team has also invested more effort - with a particular focus on usability).

I've updated my download and setup Rhapsody Designer for MBSE setup instructions to align, see below. Note fully tested all the training against it but initial tests didn't indicate any show stoppers so I will start update soon (so that all my Rhapsody training is on the latest!).

Sunday 4 June 2017

Executable MBSE and SysMLHelper updates

As an update the SysMLHelper has recently had a couple of updates (latest is v2.1.g). Aim is to finish testing in next 2 weeks, hence it's possible I'll do a couple more updates. These mainly relate to speeding up workflow on the "straight to white-box" modelling workflow. I'm posting details to and preparing a tutorial for this.