Sunday 26 March 2023

v4.2.g.PreRelease of Executable MBSE Profile

Over last 6 months with more late adopters moving to try and pick-up MBSE and run with it, I've found myself moving more towards suggesting people exploit tool automation such as my SysMLHelper. The amount of code and ideas now accumulated in this open-source project is substantial and it fits almost all needs now (executable or function-block based).

If I've come up with ideas I've incorporated them into it. The latest SysMLHelper is 4.2.g.PreRelease and is available on Github. I also post info to my website, although I've found with all; my websites that I've not had time to add much beyond essentials as I've got hungry customers I've committed hours to.

Regarding my helpers, all I ask is that you comply and respect the license as it protects me against commercialisation of my ideas. I've avoided 3rd party libraries in all my Java. Also, there's a limit to my time, hence if you really want proper help then get me to consult for a bit and I can put my experience to use for you, either to recover projects that need help or to make sure you start off with some quick wins. Doing MBSE with Rhapsody isn't effortless, but it can be fun if you learn how to speed up the tool mechanics and get drawing diagrams quickly based on well proven paths.

Reflection on recent trainings

Done 3 hands-on Rhapsody tool trainings in the 1-3 months, all Rhapsody 4-days but some spread over non-consecutive days (which is one of the benefits of remote/virtual-image-based deliveries). One of the 4 days was C++ based including deep-dive into statecharts and configuration management topics (dates over 2 weeks). The other was mostly Systems/SysML-based (automotive), also dates over 2 weeks. They seemed to go well. More recently I've found myself doing more consulting and recovery jobs, e.g. people getting into trouble with Rhapsody Model Manager and understanding its true potential but also coaching people on advanced topics like making context patterns work with their models.