Monday 28 March 2016

Integrating Rhapsody with Configuration Management (CM) tools

Following on from my short video on Units (Tip #12)...

If anybody is configuring Rhapsody with their Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool then this IBM dW article by Patrick Schnieder, Patrick Weber and Martin Stockl is quite interesting:

The command line part is very CC tool specific but some of the principles such as units and the need to configure properties run across all SCM tools. The MS-SCCI mode setup for Rhapsody is also more generically useful for a range of other CM tools but the actual CM tool and related API does make a difference. Eclipse has its own way of integrating with SCM and is a option some people use for Rhapsody with RTC or SVN. For some tools such as RTC, however, more than one option exists (Eclipse or MSSCI) hence it's important to understand the general tool landscape/product versions and what you want to achieve. 

If you google well enough then you can find the Team Collaboration Guide from the 'list of books' days before IBM. The first bit, at least, is worth a read just to get a basic grounding. It's been superseded by IBM's online help but I like the intro. 

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