Friday 27 May 2016

Obtaining and installing my SysMLHelperProfile

In some of my videos I've hinted at a method for speeding up the use of Rational Rhapsody for systems engineering tasks such as creating requirements from use case steps and creating executable MBSE models from textual use case models expressed using activity diagrams.

This method acceleration is achieved using a plugin I've written called the SysMLHelperProfile that adds new menu commands to the Rhapsody menu. It provides a similar function to that of the SE-Toolkit provided by Rhapsody to support the Harmony/SE, except that I've made this helper available as an open source project on GitHub under GNU General Public License (GPL) v3.0 terms. The latest improvements were to improve the double-click functionality to easy navigation graphical.

This video gives instructions on how to install the SysMLHelperProfile. The helper itself is a work in progress:

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