Friday 30 December 2016

Executable MBSE: Method Part 1: Requirements Analysis

The following video shows the latest SysMLHelper profile in action:

The purpose of this method is to produce functional requirements driven from use case analysis of the system.

The Requirements Analysis method is a 10 minute method. Using the open-source 'SysML Helper' profile takes only 10 minutes to use Rhapsody end-to-end to create a SysML project from scratch and get the requirements created in it into Rational DOORS (it takes about 1 hour to show someone how to do it).

The essential steps are:
  1. Create the Rhapsody project, populate a package structure with a use case diagram and setup the Rhapsody Gateway project to sync requirements into a formal module in DOORS.
  2. Create use cases and their related high-level requirements (goals).
  3. For each use case create a simplified (text-based) activity diagram of the steps including both the sunny and rainy day scenarios.
  4. For each step create a new, or trace an existing, functional requirement, such that all steps are covered by at least 1 functional requirement (in some cases a step may be covered by more than one requirement, or a requirement may be related to more than one step).
  5. (Optional) Sync all requirements into Requirements Management tool such that they can be management and tracked with allocated unique ID's.
  6. (Optional) Sync all diagrams into the RM tool such that they can provide additional information to support the requirements.

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