Tuesday 18 April 2017

4 Different Representations for Use Cases in OMG SysML/UML

This 6 minute video uses one of the example models from my 3 day Mastering MBSE with OMG SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody training. I actually speak!

It shows 4 different forms for how use cases might be represented in SysML or UML: namely structured text, an activity diagram, an interaction model with sequence diagrams, and as an executable state machine model. The cool thing is that we’re free to use whatever you like. Neither SysML nor the UML specify how a use case shall look. The main thing to consider is that use cases take on a journey from analysis to design! Through-out this journey we will meet different people with different needs and levels of knowledge. We need to consider their needs, recognizing that different stakeholders will have different needs, and that needs will change over time. After all there is little value in building an executable state machine of a system, if a simple review of the use case description can determine that it is not what the customer wants after all.

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