Monday 13 November 2017

v2.1 (Release) of SysMLHelperProfile on GitHub (and

I have released v2.1 of my open-source SysMLHelper profile on (this is functionally equivalent to 2.1.r). The v.2.1 profile will work with Rhapsody 8.2, 8.2.1, or the next release. It can work with 8.1.3 but would require modifying the profile a bit (as there were changes in 8.2)

I also updated my "Mastering MBSE with OMG SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody" 3-day instructor-led training material to Rhapsody 8.2.1. The focus of the 3-day training is understanding standard SysML notation and deep-knowledge of using the Rhapsody tool for it. Note: My training uses the SysMLHelper v2.1 release to speed up things up and to provide an example of setting up properties for Rhapsody systems models. IMHO without setting up a model systems engineers will have a sub-optimal experience with Rhapsody. The good thing is that the configuration of Rhapsody is one of the most powerful features, hence if you learn how to do this then you will have the power at your finger tips!

My updated training was successfully delivered last week (in Germany).

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