Sunday 30 September 2018

Rational Rhapsody Tip #43 - Toggling between specification vs structured views (Basic and Advanced)

I've just finished my latest spot of consulting. This tip came from a recent email exchange I had where I was explaining how to add and remove compartments on classes/blocks in IBM Rational Rhapsody. The first basic bit of knowledge is to understand that when you look at the Block or Class on a diagram it can be shown in either structured or specification view mode. The specification view is also known as a compartment view and allows the user to show any number of compartments with selected data shown. It contrasts with the structured view which essentially shows an internal block diagram (or composite structure diagram). You can toggle between the views using an icon in the zoom toolbar. At the end of the short video I also show a more advanced tip by customizing the list of available compartments using the AdditionalCompartments property. The video also serves to highlight the new combined Display Options dialog in the latest version of Rhapsody. This brings together several previously separate elements (properties, format, port options and display options) under one roof to make them easier to find and use (certainly adding and removing compartments is a lot easier). Enjoy!

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