Friday 1 February 2019

Rational Rhapsody Tip #52 - Making user-defined types appear in selection dialogs (Simple)

In a recent IBM Rational Rhapsody training, a user asked me how they could get data types they’ve added (or reverse engineered) to appear in the pull-down list when a user selects the type for an attribute or operation argument. Sounds like another topic for a short Rhapsody tips and tricks video, I thought, so here you are, tip number 52 in a 3 min format! Of course, like many things in Rhapsody there’s a property to help, it’s called General::Model::CommonTypes, and can be set at either the model level or in a profile. The property specifies which types are listed as alternatives for attributes, variables, and arguments. It makes commonly used types easily accessible and you can specify a list of packages.

On a related topic, if you want to remove the predefined types from the browser, there’s also Browser property you can use to do that. It’s called Browser::Settings::ShowPredefinedPackage. The video also shows this, in case it's useful (I sometimes use it to simplify the browser for people).

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