Monday 19 August 2019

Rhapsody health checks

I recently did a Rhapsody health check for a large organisation that has been a Rhapsody user over multiple years. A health check is really 3 days of consulting with a report and recommendation read-back based on interviews and observations. It asks questions like whether there are quick wins that could be had from changing how Rhapsody is used, using new features, or learning new techniques and features.

1. More refined use of Gateway, particularly when dealing with multiple input documents.
2. Issues caused over time by sub-optimal property settings when managing Rhapsody units with Subversion (unresolved references).
3. Assessing potential and ease of upgrading to later versions (particularly related to use of 64 bit) and whether safe to do so.
4. Thinking about how internal teams share ideas and best practice.
5. Whats new review, esp around Jazz.

Rhapsody has so many hidden features, and teams change over time, so having an external expert engage for just a short time is an efficient way to oil the wheels and re-energize users with new ideas.

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