Wednesday 8 January 2020

New 3 day course on Automotive MBSE with IBM Rational Rhapsody

Just added a new Automotive MBSE with IBM Rational Rhapsody 3 day course option to my course itinerary page (MBSE#3D3). After many years of training automotive engineers in the general purpose language concepts of UML/SysML and then watching them struggle, I've decided instead to focus on teaching them a method to model automotive concepts such as Features and Functions directly in Rhapsody. This method-based training course uses a profile to add automotive concepts directly to the Rhapsody menus, together with a suggested starting meta-model that they could then take-away and extend. The intent is to short-cut the need to understand the full breadth of the general purpose language and tool and instead focus on the work products that are needed for automotive MBSE.

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  1. Is there any plan to start some online course on Edx, Cousea or Udemy etc? It will be very helpful for us who are not from Germany.


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