Thursday 23 April 2020

Useful cookbook of different code generation properties for Rhapsody in C++

Rhapsody's usage for generation of C++ for embedded real-time software targets is over 20 years old now. Of course, both it and language have moved on. There's an old IBM tech specialist adage that if Rhapsody doesn't do what you want out-of-the-box then there's probably a property you can set! Of course, find the right property can be a challenge (there are even properties that work that are not in the factory prp's related to backwards compatibility). For those doing code generation with IBM Rhapsody in C++ I thought I'd share a link. This IBM support white paper provides an accumulation of information related to questions that IBM support have had, and hence provides a useful reference of ideas and inspiration:

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  1. Thanks a lot. This is a very helpful hint!


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