Monday 4 May 2020

Rhapsody 9.0 usability enhancements in the Transition features window

While doing the last video, here's a few things I noticed in the Rhapsody 9.0 release related to usability enhancements (the IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody covers both systems and software engineering).

Firstly, the Guard edit frame on the Transition features window is bigger:

This is 8.4:

This is 9.0:

This is simple, but useful (I don't know about you but I often put a return in the guard so that it shows on a different line in the Statechart).

Secondly, the trigger selection now incorporates an active search capability.

This is 8.4:

This is 9.0:

This new pick-list capability is also present in other dialog's, i.e. it's been working its way through the Rhapsody UI for a releases now.

There's further information on the 9.0 release here.

This bit comes under the "Further enhancements to Combo boxes for model selection: active search on all elements selected" bullet point.

It's nice to see that usability features continue to be thought about, even in the old areas of the UI.

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