Monday 21 September 2020

IBM Rational Rhapsody Tip #83 - Enhanced tooltip customisation using a plugin method (Secret)

One of my earliest IBM Rational Rhapsody videos ends with a demo that shows a customisation I made to my SysMLHelper profile around 5 years ago (video tip #8) to Rhapsody enhanced tooltip feature. It doesn't go into detail about how I achieved it though and a few people have asked. Actually, in doing this video I realize that the property I used to hook the plugin method into the profile is no longer documented in the product, which is why people have asked! It still seems to work though (up to 9.0.1) hence I've put together this "under the hood" look video. The property is called Model::Stereotype::ModelTooltipPluginMethod. This 5 min video, for advanced users of Rhapsody, also gives a bit of a look at the role of customizing Rhapsody with Java plugins, profiles, and properties. This video is a silent one, i.e. you'll need to read the captions to understand it.

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