Thursday 11 February 2021

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #93 - Adding Cygwin/gcc compiler to simulate systems (Advanced)

Always interested in new ideas. This ones actually at the suggestion of Bruce Powell Douglass. One of the questions he gets asked a lot...

You may have installed and used Rhapsody for UML/SysML for a while just drawing diagrams, only to discover later on that there are more advanced executable MBSE methods such as Harmony/SE and my ROCKETS-based modification of it (one of my passions). This narrated video covers what you need to do to your installation in order to extend it to simulate systems or compile C++ code down the line. 

At this point you will discover that you need to install a C++ compiler but, as the video highlights, it's possible to install this compiler after Rhapsody, without having to reinstall Rhapsody. In this video, I demonstrate by going through all the steps to install the minimal parts of the open source Cygwin/gcc compiler for system simulation purposes. I also show steps for verifying the gcc compiler is working, recompiling the framework (and what this means), and testing it with a model. Hope it helps.

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