Tuesday 20 July 2021

In lieu of TrustPilot, some recent training feedback

I don't really have the volume of deliveries or business to live in the world of trust pilot. However, I do appreciate that it's good to have real feedback from real people.

As such, I thought I'd share some feedback from recent 3 day Rhapsody trainings in the last 2 months. In the following survey, 5 = strongly agree and 1 = strongly disagree.

What did you like most about the training?

  • The labs really helped enforce the theory and brought the material full circle.
  • It's a new tool for me that can capture big picture ideas and decompose to manageable chunks.
  • Labs are great. Good examples.
  • Instructor & the labs
  • Flexibility to demonstrate tasks on demand, make it easy in this environment.
  • Lots of tips and short cuts for action users 
  • I had no prior knowledge regarding Rhapsody however leaving the training I feel like I'm able to perform task via Rhapsody. The trainer was also very knowledgeable and kept the participants engaged. 
This week, I'm moving on to Version 12 of my material. I've added a simplified DOORS NG with Rhapsody half-day workshop which can be optionally used to finish things off with a fun "from scratch" example. I've also added even more differentiation to the labs to give me more options based on whether participants are experts who use Rhapsody a lot, or new to SysML/Rhapsody, so that I don't scare people with too much information, if I can help it.

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