Monday 29 November 2021

Changes logs for SysMLHelper profile V4.0.b-V4.0.m now listed

For the last year, I've been re-writing the SysMLHelper to move functionality to the newer ExecutableMBSE profile model structuring method (using new term packages). I've just posted the enhancement list to my other blog, in case you're interested:

Making Executable MBSE fun with IBM Rational Rhapsody

It is a fairly big re-write, particularly with the way that the profile is architected, including the inclusion of a metamodeling profile that I created, and improved protection when using multiple Rhapsody instances and avoidance of passing Rhapsody elements between Java threads.

Current version is 4.0.m. However, I've held off posting profile to Github; choosing instead to work with clients and contacts directly so that I can improve it with a real focus on usage. 

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