Tuesday 12 July 2022

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #105 - Simplification of SysML for early context analysis

This video gives an impression of where I've moved to in the 7 years since I left IBM and started to support customers using Rhapsody. Broadly speaking  to get users with less experience to be able to model, I've moved from delivery of generic SysML training to customizing Rhapsody with profiles that automate the modeling experience; the richest one being the Executable MBSE Profile in the SysML Helper toolkit (www.executablembse.com). This open source GPL 3.0 licensed profile takes a jigsaw approach to following reusable modeling patterns to create models developed by a team where different team members work in different packages. Although it started life as supporting executable mbse methods, this video demonstrates how it as evolved much wider than that. I show just some concept and early system definition phases work including the simplification of SysML IBDs, in Rhapsody, to create a Visio-like context diagrams with flows.  

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