Sunday 14 February 2016

Rhapsody Tip #8 - Using and extending the Enhanced Tooltip (Intermediate)

One of Rhapsody's usability enhancements has been an Enhanced Tooltip. It gives a preview with hyperlinks that can be clicked. Things you may not know are that it can be enabled on diagram by pressing Shift+Alt+F2 (or setting a property). Also useful is that Ctrl+F2 will break the tooltip out into a separate Window. Advanced users can also extend Rhapsody's capabilities with method-specific usability enhancements, for example, to view the specification text of related requirements. This short video illustrates:

NOTE: My code for extending the HTML Enhanced Tooltip is now included in the SysMLHelperProfile on GitHub.

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  1. Hello, I do not find the prp file where you declare the Model::Stereotype::ModelTooltipPluginMethod properties.
    Can you tell me where it is please ?

    Thank you.


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