Thursday 31 March 2016

Rhapsody Tip #13 - Managing Unresolved elements/units (Intermediate)

This video gives some housekeeping tips for IBM Rational Rhapsody. A model, by definition, differs from drawing pictures because you have the ability to view the same artifacts in many different ways. A common data dictionary means we can keep things consistent as information and ideas are evolved by the team developing it.

But what if someone sends you a model that references a profile or units in a different model that you don't have, or your CM strategy fails to ensure related files are propagated together? This video hopefully helps to explain. It also shows how you can use the File > Add to model dialog in Rhapsody to reference other profiles and Edit > Advanced Search and Replace dialog to check a model for unresolved elements.

p.s. I've expanded my domain names. Can you guess which ones I've gone for? ;=)

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