Friday 30 June 2017

Rhapsody Tip #23 - Enhanced usability with Quick Navigation icons in 8.2.1 (Intermediate)

Being able to navigate between diagrams, including drilling back and forth through hierarchies of diagrams is increasingly important for systems engineers and SysML in general (and is also important in UML 2.x which introduced structured classes). In this video I show a new feature added to Rhapsody 8.2.1 (June 2017) called "Quick Navigation" shortcuts.

As illustrated in this short video, this new feature is enabled by setting the General::Graphics::EnableQuickNavigation property. The categories of displayed types can then be tailored for individual diagram or element types using QuickNavigationCategories properties for different meta-classes/diagrams. Further refinement is also possible using the Compartment tab of individual graphical elements, resulting in quite a cool new usability feature that is easily enabled (with a certain amount of power behind it for advanced users to play with). A very welcome addition to Rhapsody for both UML and SysML users ...

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