Tuesday 20 June 2017

Rhapsody 8.2.1 was released on 12th June 2017

Just so you know, v8.2.1 of IBM Rational Rhapsody was released on June 12th. The IBM page for release notes etc is here and includes a Whats New overview. There's quite few usability things that look good, e.g., Diagram: back and forward navigation button improvements, Diagrams: hover Drawing toolbar and Diagrams: new layouts for Populate Diagram and Rearrange. Some videos will follow. Rhapsody has significant releases roughly twice a year, hence there are 6 months of development time in 8.2.1 compared with 8.2. (my understanding is that development team has also invested more effort - with a particular focus on usability).

I've updated my download and setup Rhapsody Designer for MBSE setup instructions to align, see below. Note fully tested all the training against it but initial tests didn't indicate any show stoppers so I will start update soon (so that all my Rhapsody training is on the latest!).

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