Sunday 31 December 2017

Mastering MBSE with OMG SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody updated to Rhapsody 8.3

Phew. Just finished updating my 3-4 days of my IBM Rational Rhapsody MBSE/SysML hands-on training material (that's 560+ slides of tool training) to Release 8.3 to make a Version 6.

Rational Rhapsody 8.3 was released 04 December 2017. Update was relatively straight forward. Main impacts were:
- 8.3 offers a new xml-based file format, hence unit file extensions are appended with an x (e.g. .sbsx, .rpyx). You get a choice to upgrade when you open a project which results in files with the new unit extensions being saved (the old ones remain hence I had to manually clear these out which is easy but worth knowing)
- I did need to explicitly make rhapsody.exe the default application for new .rpyx file extensions.
- I'm following up on a few things with queries that are no longer working.
- The Format and Display Options dialog have been fused for Classifiers. I felt this leads to improved usability, e.g., much easier to enable the Quick Navigation icons (although multi-select doesn't fully work for things like compartments).

In summary, I think 8.3 is an improvement over 8.2.1. Actually some fixes to 8.2.1 proved useful (mainly word-wrap issues that were fixed). The fix list for 8.3 is here. I expect that an iFix will cover a few of the above (like the file extensions one). I'll post when I know one is out.

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