Monday 2 April 2018

Rhapsody Tip #30 - Understanding units and the Edit Unit dialog (Intermediate)

Related to a key topic for for a US-based company I've been working for this is a new short helper video on using Rhapsody. It's the first of two related to sharing units across projects and provides base knowledge on what Rhapsody 'Unit's are and some of the options in the Edit Unit dialog (available on the right-click menu).

A 'Unit' in Rhapsody is a file on the File System in which model information is stored. Understanding the concept of units is important prior to configuring Rhapsody projects under source-code management tool control, or to share information across projects on the file system. By default units are created for each package. It's also possible to create units at a finer level of granularity, e.g., for elements based on components, classes, objects and diagrams. This can be done individually or by setting project properties. This video explores some of these concepts and provides an in depth overview of the Edit Unit dialog.

A follow-up video will cover sharing units between projects.

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