Friday 13 April 2018

Rhapsody Tip #31 - Referencing units in other projects (Intermediate)

This Rational Rhapsody helper videos follows on from my video #30 on units and managing the project on the file system. In this video we look at referencing units from other Rational Rhapsody projects. Building families of projects that reference each other can often be better than having a single monolithic project. Separation of concern across projects means that projects can be managed separately, in different locations, and with separate versioning yet they can share common elements or interfaces. In this video I show how two projects can reference the same common unit in another project, including touching on the importance of considering absolute or relative references.

Interestingly, the video also shows something that I didn't know until very recently. If you manage to import two projects that reference and nest the same third party unit, then Rhapsody will deal with the duplicate import situation by creating a linked unit. Generally, this problem will only occur if you move referenced units until other units (but it's interesting to know that there are still things to know!)

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