Thursday 17 May 2018

Rhapsody Tip #33 - Conveying Standard Content using stereotypes

This silent helper video illustrates a built-in feature of IBM Rational Rhapsody called Standard Content. This feature allows you to define standard content that you want to apply whenever you apply the stereotype to a model element. First off, you need to define the standard content, i.e. the template. You then need to establish a dependency to it from the stereotype you want to apply, and stereotype the dependency using «StandardContent» from the pre-defined types. Now, whenever you apply the stereotype to a model element, the standard content will be merged with the elements content (preserving existing content if there's a conflict).

StandardContent works with all types of elements. It also works with New Term stereotypes. It provides a quick way of templating things, when no model transformation is required. If you want to perform a model transformation on creation then writing a Java plugin may be needed, something I can provide consulting or training on, if required ;-).

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