Monday 21 May 2018

Video (8 mins) on Making MBSE with Rhapsody simple (SysMLHelper 3rd generation enhancements)

I've put a new video of my Gen #3 profile onto youtube, in case you're interested. This shows some of the new ideas I've incorporating into the 3rd generation of the profile. It just shows a simple requirements analysis method helper.

In this video I explore some new ideas I'm working on for my 3rd generation of the SysMLHelper profile; an open-source profile for IBM Rational Rhapsody that is designed to "Make MBSE with Rhapsody simple" by adding automation that enables engineers to focus on the fun and creative tasks, rather than how to set-up and configure the tool. This makes it easier to deploy MBSE and SysML modelling techniques to a larger team. Automation and product tailoring increases the chance that you will achieve productive success first time because the helper is based on methods known to work. The wealth of usability enhancements mean that you have a richer but tailored toolset available. As the helper is open-source there is also the option that I could tailor it for your organisation and processes, making use of over 11 years of experience as a Rhapsody technical consultant and trainer.

Some of these come from work I did recently on a customized profile for a different client. Some are things I've wanted to do for a while but not had time.

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