Monday 16 July 2018

Rhapsody Tip #38 - Introducing Diagram Views, new in 8.3.1 (Intermediate)

In my previous Rhapsody tips and tricks video I covered a feature of IBM Rational Rhapsody known as Custom Views. This capability worked in conjunction with things like Queries to create filtered views. The powerful thing about these views is that they can filter both the diagrams and the browser in Rhapsody. The thing is that the filtered diagrams would only be visible if the Custom View was active. In 8.3.1, the Rhapsody development team have expanded Rational Rhapsody’s capabilities by allowing these views to be persisted in the browser. These persisted views are known as diagrams views. As well as making it easier for users to access them, it also makes them easier to include in documents generated from the model. It’s a layer on top of other layers that adds a cool new capability. This short video demonstrates the base concepts of Diagram Views by building on the project created in the previous video.

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