Monday 16 July 2018

Training material updated to 8.3.1 (Version 8 of Mastering MBSE with OMG SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody)

My mission is provide up-to-date affordable and fun training for IBM Rational Rhapsody, i.e. latest release. I've just been through my Mastering MBSE with IBM Rational Rhapsody training labs to test and update to release 8.3.1 (Build 9835550). No major issues. Surprisingly good given that I had 650 tool training slides with no workarounds, hence my training can happily move to this version.

I did find occasional reload pop-up (not seen as an issue but will check).

I also had an issue with Notes populating correctly via API (presumably because it was changed to allow rich text hyperlinks). However, I then found that there is an iFix called 8.3.1-RAT-RHAPSODY-IFix1 that fixes this! (yep, should've installed this first. Doh!).

Summary is that 8.3.1 is worth for going over 8.3 but don't forget to check Fix Central for iFixes and install these at the same time. In terms of rational for 8.3 over 8.3.1 the RMM upgrades with 6.0.6 are enough to warrant this but also there's also polish in other areas worth keeping up with, e.g., I'm getting used to double-clicking to use stamp mode now.

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