Friday 12 October 2018

Rational Rhapsody Tip #44 - RMM 6.0.6 accept/deliver workflow and icons (Intermediate)

I've had quite a few people asking about collaborative working in IBM Rational Rhapsody so I quickly knocked up this video that shows IBM Rhapsody Model Manager (Jazz/am). One of the nice things about the solution is seeing the visibility of the SCM status in the Rhapsody browser. The icons essentially mirror those of Rational Team Concert (on which RMM is built). This means that developers can see what's moving in the stream as soon as it occurs, and make an integration decision. The re-activeness of the Rhapsody client is also pretty good. Obviously the longer you wait before integrating other developers changes is a key question (the isolation vs integration conundrum). However, this enables users to react quickly to changes that affect them. Rhapsody Model Manager is a version of RTC designed for models, hence the integration is similar but improved to the RTC integration (i.e. better in 6.0.6). Included are also more commands in the right-click menu in Rhapsody, that makes it's easy to navigate to the RTC Client. RMM is licensed as per Design Manager hence potentially already bundled in your licensing (something to check).

If you want any tips on configuring RMM then let me know.

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