Monday 10 June 2019

Reflections on web-based training

Last week I had a web-based Rhapsody training to deliver all week. This followed 2 weeks where I was delivering remote training in May (using an interactive delivery platform). The benefits to me are to make it much easier to reach new markets. I can also fit more things in without the logistics of travel (e.g. some of this training was to West Coast). For customers there are also benefits:

1. Multi-site: Training can be given simultaneously to engineers at multiple sites, without travel costs (good where there's a global team).
2. More flexibility of schedule: Training can be discontinuous, e.g., 2 days one week, 2 days the next, or given on half days, if beneficial.
3. Pre-configured environment: Client doesn't have to try and set up a complex training environment or install tools. The training environment includes DOORS and IBM Jazz products as well as Rhapsody.
4. Costs: Avoiding travel and logistical costs helps keep prices down.

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