Monday 4 November 2019

Updated training courses page with 1-day masterclasses

I've updated my training courses page to detail a new series of 1-day "masterclasses" on IBM Rational Rhapsody. These are Rhapsody tool-focused advanced topics.

  • Key focus is raising the productivity and effectiveness of an existing Rhapsody user-base. 
  • They are applicable to both software (UML) and systems (SysML) users.
  • They can be delivered web-based (instructor) led to any geography (USA, Asia, Europe, UK).
  • Up to 20 participants.

The 1 day topics include:
  1. MBSE#1D1: Masterclass in IBM Rational Rhapsody core fundamentals.
  2. MBSE#1D2: Masterclass in modeling with requirements and external Requirements Management tools.
  3. MBSE#1D3: Masterclass in hierarchical system decomposition and component-based design with SysML.
  4. MBSE#1D4: Masterclass in model-driven development (MDD) for C or C++ development using IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer.

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