Sunday 29 March 2020

Rational Rhapsody Tip #75 - Installing IBM Rhapsody 9.0 with Cygwin C/C++ (Intermediate)

In this 12'32" min video I show how I normally install IBM Rhapsody for my software and systems training. In 9.0 IBM Rational Rhapsody was renamed IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody. I've included the steps for downloading and installing the minimal gcc compiler and GNU make tools (using Cygwin's setup-x86_64.exe). I suggest to install Developer which also installs Designer for Systems Engineers and Architect for Systems Engineers Edition shortcuts but not Architect for Software Engineers.

At the end I also show how to verify that the compiler environment is installed and working by creating running application (which highlights how Rhapsody now builds the framework libraries automatically if they don't exist, as pre-compiled library files are no longer shipped). I also show the use of the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE system environment variable to configure license being used. One thing to note: Unless you have admin privileges on your machine and are a power user, if you're upgrading I generally recommend to uninstall previous Rhapsody first (otherwise the uninstall of earlier version may affect the registration of the COM component used for add-ins). It's possible fix an install if this happens, but this is not something most users will realize has happened.

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