Wednesday 14 October 2020

An evening or self-paced class for contractors/people looking to upskill?

I'm exploring the idea of running an evening/weekly call-type class or self-paced class for contractors/people looking to upskill with SysML/Rhapsody/MBSE knowledge. It's not entirely clear how much interest there would be in this, so I will do a trial if I can get enough interest. If you are interested let me know. I've updated the form here to give it as an option. 

A bit of background: Historically my training focus has been business-to-business, e.g. running private Rhapsody training for companies adopting the tools on either a one-off or a series basis. I did have a lot of success with open training run in conjunction with HORIBA MIRA but Covid-19 and other reasons have put a hold on face-to-face training. It can also be hard for individuals (contractors and engineers looking for personal development) to access such training as it requires a lot of commitment of time. I'm therefore thinking of some lighter-weight, more lower cost options that I could deliver now while lots of people are working from home, and across a broad geography (particularly outside the UK). 

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