Thursday 12 November 2020

Requirements Management awareness training - Star Wars, a new hope?

This week I did another (free) workshop with the engineering apprentices on Requirements Management. I learnt that there's hope for Star Wars yet. At least one 3 year girl with Star Wars wallpaper, duvet and a Lightsaber (I think this is a new hope?). I think this means it's just skipping a generation. 

What else? Well, requirements can get a bit messy to begin with, especially if you're messing around with different tools - Teams whiteboards/Google jamboards (hey that's like reality till you get proper in place right ;-). 

I also learnt that engineering apprentices are more creative at creating requirements for an Ironman suit than I am (no surprise there). Alas, I didn't get them all into an RM tool in time though.

Also, a well timed Kahoot quiz, leaves nowhere to hide ;-) This is actually quite a fun thing to do with online training. I might do a bit more using this going forward.

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