Thursday 28 January 2021

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #92 - Creating a simulation with panel diagram (Intermediate)

Been a bit busy recently but getting close to the magic 100th video! I save stuff for my training courses but this video's an ad-libbed demo in response to the question "how easy is it to create a simulation with panel diagram in Rhapsody?". It will work in pretty much any version of Rhapsody, as long as you have installed properly with a C++ compiler (I have separate guidance on this) and the necessary licenses. Certainly, making use of statecharts in a simulation is a lot easier than activity diagrams because it is a much smaller syntax. You do need to know more when it comes to the art of drawing state machines and techniques for expressing certain types of behavior, or getting multiple state machines to interact and interface (making choices about port types and interfaces). In summary, once you know what you're doing, then it's relatively easy. This is something that can come from a combination of experience and training. Hope it's of interest:

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