Monday 25 January 2021

Reflections on 3 aspects of MBSE training

There are 3 aspects to MBSE training:

1. Training in how to use and configure the tool.

2. Training in understanding the modeling language (e.g. different diagrams in SysML/UML and their syntax).

3. Training in how to apply a method or process.

Obviously, type 3, above, depends on which process/method you are applying. However, it's hard to learn a process for a tool and language, if you don't understand the tool and the language.

Of course, if you do have a chosen method that applies to a team then you could do "role-based" training, i.e. teaching people just the bits needed for their role. What people often forget is that the role of the process/method is to enable teams to scale, e.g., getting people to be able to work in parallel on the same project. As you scale, you might use different types of enablement techniques, e.g., videos/tutorials. This is aided once you know your method as it can be targeted at segments that individuals need to know, rather than giving them a book on UML/SysML (which tends to lead to "mushrooms" of people pulling in different directions). 

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