Sunday 28 January 2018

Rhapsody Tip #29 - Understanding UML standard ports vs. SysML proxy ports (Intermediate)

With coming up to 30 videos posted it's a little harder to find quick wins, so this one goes into a little more detail (i.e. took a lot more work).

One of the key topics in my instructor-led SysML and MBSE training is getting to grips with different types of ports and interfaces in UML/SysML models. While SysML introduces two new ports in 1.3, full and proxy, there may be still models where standard and flow ports may be a better choice, or projects that predate the new port forms. Choosing the right one is crucial to value but depends a lot on context, and constraints, and needs. This silent video based on a new lab in my instructor-led 3 and 4 day training contrasts UML standard ports with SysML proxy ports, a new type of port in SysML 1.3 on-wards. It highlights some, but not all, of the key differences.

I'm planning a follow up video on (pre-SysML 1.3) flow ports vs proxy ports, a topic which I feel is important for automotive systems engineering, in particular. As always, there are pros and cons ;-).

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