Sunday 14 January 2018

Supported features in Rhapsody 64-bit in the 8.3 release

IBM updated it's list of features supported by Rhapsody in 64 bit:

Most notable is that code-centric mode and action language support was added in 8.3 to a list that includes: Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software, Reverse engineering, Round-tripping,  RTC direct integration, and (notably) Rational Rhapsody ReporterPlus.

Note: Since the RTC direct integration is not constrained by 32-bit MSSC support this makes the 64-bit Rhapsody a candidate for deployment with the Team Concert direct integration.

The only thing missing from my perspective is Webify (web-enabling a model). Note: I have found that 64 bit will also make some assumptions about Cygwin compiler chain being 64 bit but if this occurs then it is quickly resolved with a property setting.

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