Tuesday 14 May 2019

Rational Rhapsody Tip #56 - Using Allocation relations In SysML

The following is a little demo I did recently on a training to illustrate the concept of allocation in SysML. Overall the concept is very simple, of course, which is that allocation is a cross-cutting construct that uses a UML dependency as its base type. This "create a model from scratch" video shows an example of creating two hierarchies, one structural and one behavioral, and then relating them using «allocate» dependencies, and visualizing the relations in compartments. I illustrate this by creating a New Term «FunctionBlock» stereotype (this is a slightly more advanced topic of discussion, of course, but is a topic that comes up a lot, especially with my automotive customers).

  1. The SysML profile provides a dependency stereotype called «allocate»
  2. Often allocation is used where you want to allocate behavior elements to structural elements, i.e. behavioral to structural allocation.
  3. Allocation can be visualized in compartments, e.g., AllocatedTo and AllocatedFrom, that can be shown using the Display Options... dialog. 
  4. Allocation compartments work for a range of elements in Rhapsody, including Operations, Blocks and Activities.

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