Wednesday 22 May 2019

Rational Rhapsody Tip #57 - Allocation tables and matrices, incl a context pattern

This video follows on from Tip #56 and shows creation of tables and matrices in Rhapsody. Allocation is a SysML new term dependency type, hence the tricks really apply to any new term dependency, e.g., they'd work for requirement traceability relations. The video starts with simple matrix and relation tables views (you have to create the layouts first) and then goes on to show how to create a context pattern table view. As you'll see it takes a little while to get the context pattern to do what you want and you need  test it, but once you have it the views that are possible are huge. The key thing is that you build the relation table you have to follow the structure of the model. The order of the columns, however, can be in any order. You can also collapse the first column to make it more succinct. Enjoy!


  1. This was a very helpful video. After watching this and another of your videos, I'm still confused what the colon does in the context pattern. I'm not a software guy, so can you please explain what the colon does to a more general systems engineer? Thanks in advance!

    1. The colon says 'give me the target of this relationship' - without it you would get the relationship itself (eg the dependency rather than the thing it depends on)


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