Sunday 26 May 2019

Rational Rhapsody Tip #58 - Another look at unresolved references

This short "tips and tricks" video takes a look at what causes and how to fix unresolved references in an IBM Rational Rhapsody project. These can occur when Rhapsody needs to change an element to keep model consistent but the owning units (i.e. files) are read-only. This makes it a topical subject when it comes to discussing the relative merits of pessimistic vs optimistic merging as modern SCM tools such as Rhapsody Model Manager do actively allow optimistic merging and emphasize the propagation of consistent change sets that prevent models becoming inconsistent. The video perhaps highlights some of the issues that come from managing a model with a pessimistic strategy that requires users to check-out files. As you'll see in the video Rhapsody attempts to circumvent the problem by warning the modeler. It can even automatically check out the units to keep a model consistent.

A key tip is that the Advanced Search and Replace dialog allows you to search models for unresolved references and remove them. It's probably worth periodically checking models using this a housekeeping technique as their existence may point to usage problems.

Those with keen eyes may also spot a new Add "peer" menu item, as the video uses Rhapsody v8.4 (build 9841247).

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